Adventures In Attunement

Everyone deserves clarity

Hello! I'm Jen

I help you get clear about your needs so that you can make authentic decisions stemming from a powerful place. Whether you meet me by listening to a podcast, reading one of my essays, or on the phone in a one-on-one session, I bring warm, accepting guidance to the table.

My written and audio work explore themes which invite inquiry and curiosity. Join me at this table of Adventures in Attunement, where learning and laughter are served while you learn about yourself and how to have more satisfying and peaceful connections and interactions with yourself and others. Sit down, relax, let out a sigh, and let’s start your adventure, shall we?

How I Work

I customize an approach tailored to your needs using tools of:

  • Compassionate Communication/Nonviolent Communication
  • Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Internal Family Systems 

As I listen to you, I hear what your needs are and guide you in identifying and clarifying them. I help you access your inner wisdom and offer support towards taking action.

My Experience
MA in Counseling Psychology
Certified Ontological Coach through The Newfield Network
Trained with the founders of University of Massachusetts Mediation Clinic
Certified mediator through the Lemmon Mediation Institute
Completed a two-year immersion program in Nonviolent Communication

How We Can Work Together

Audio learner? Visual learner? Want some one-on-one attention? Choose your own adventure below!

One-On-One Guidance

Explore your feelings and learn to identify your core needs with these personalized packages.

The Empathy Experience
Experience the healing power of receiving pure empathy.

Enjoy audio recordings of my poetry, essays, podcasts, interviews, and voiceovers.

Explore My Work

Come with me as I explore themes close to all of us, such as belonging, self-care, body image, community, love, and family.

Listen To Me

Read My Writings
Let's go on an Adventure in Attunement!
Explore your feelings and needs and travel toward a more peaceful, powerful life.
Can't wait to listen together!