About Jen Goldman

Founder of Adventures in Attunement

Hello! I'm Jen

I hold a master's degree in Counseling Psychology and I'm a certified mediator and practitioner of Compassionate Communication. Using expertise gained through my 28 years in the fields of coaching and psychology, I help you identify your needs, which empowers you to make clear and powerful choices and take effective action towards your goals. Learning to have attuned conversations can bring peace to you and your interpersonal relationships. Through my writing, audio work, and one-on-one coaching sessions, I offer warm, accepting guidance which helps you attune to your wise self and laugh along the way.
My Story
I began this journey in 1992, and decided straight out of grad school that I wanted to work for myself and hung up my shingle doing career and personal coaching-coaching before it was trendy- imagine that! I have an MA in Counseling Psychology, and I’m a Certified Ontological Coach through The Newfield Network (then based in CA,) pioneers in the coaching field, am a  Certified Mediator through the Lemmon Mediation Institute in DC, trained with the founders of Umass Mediation clinic, and have completed several years of training in Nonviolent Communication (aka NVC, aka Compassionate Communication).
Now things are a bit different, The coaching market is saturated, so why choose me? Here’s why- I’ve pivoted my focus. than a coach, I’m more like a guide who is holding up a shell where you can listen to your own inner wisdom. What I excel at is listening to you 1:1, and helping you get clear about your needs, and then teaching you the skills of NVC…how to communicate your needs clearly and diplomatically to create (whenever possible) win-win situations in love and work.  Once you are clear about what you want, you’re empowered to create your own direction and path. I’ll be your encourager, but most importantly I’ll be attuned to you. 
What is attunement? You know that feeling when someone “gets you” and you feel seen and heard? That’s what attunement feels like, that is what it is. Your voice matters, you belong, and you deserve to get clarity on what you need and learn to express that. Attunement is the opposite of the silent treatment. My sensitivity helps me pick up things others miss, and that is my superpower. To be honest, sensitivity is both a gift and a curse, and it is powerful if you know how to use it to direct your energy. 
Through reading my work, listening to my podcast, and/or working with me one on one, you’ll have a caring guide who has your back and helps you tune in to yourself and what you need personally and interpersonally. Let’s begin the adventure together!
Through my writing and audio work, I strive to present complex concepts in a warm, accessible, and funny way so that you can gain insight into your own life. My coaching builds on that approach, helping you learn and achieve clarity that will empower you to follow your authentic path toward peaceful relationships with yourself and others.
When I'm not working I enjoy...

I’m happy cooking Vietnamese curries in my kitchen, reading, writing, or binge-watching shows with my cat (though he does not like Breaking Bad), but prefer communing with nature when I’m walking or kayaking. I love to travel (Lisbon is next on my bucket list!) and I can’t wait to go back to Turks and Caicos to go snorkeling. Cozy hotels and comedy clubs are some of my favorite places, and the only thing better than helping a friend would be swimming with dolphins in the wild!

What You Can Expect Working With Me

I can’t wait to see how we can work together in a way that feels right for you.
Below are two testimonials from clients.
"In under an hour, Jen transformed my letter to a friend while preserving the original meaning of the text. By using Nonviolent Communication language, it expressed my points without assigning blame. Hopefully, my friend will feel receptive to what I have to say, since it won’t trigger her defense mechanisms. Thanks Jen!”
DK, Boston MA
"Jen approached my question combined with sound advice. She listened to my concerns and helped lead me into a positive direction. Because of her advice and expertise, I was able to have a productive conversation with a loved one. That conversation could have gone poorly if I hadn’t consulted Jen."
Robin, Newton MA